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Restaurants go to 50% Gyms Can Re-Open

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced Friday that Florida will go to a “Full Phase One” plan on Monday. This plan includes restaurants being allowed to operate at a 50% capacity. He encouraged outdoor seating and spoke of allowing restaurants who have dividers seperating their booths to exceed that capacity. Stating that social distancing and partitions help in not spreading the virus.

The Governor also announced that gyms can open on Monday. He stressed social distancing and cleaning of machines after each use.

DeSantis Friday in Jacksonville

He fell short of announcing the opening of short term rentals and bars. Saying bars were not on the Presidents phase 1 guidelines, and that he did not feel compelled to re-open them at this time. When questioned on short term rentals he said that individual counties in the state could apply to open short term rentals. He said each county should have a plan for handling rentals and for those renting them. Saying he probably would not approve a plan that included visitors from the northern states, such as New York and New Jersey but would side more favorably to those with more local visitors.

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