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Mayor Pamn Henderson talks about her win and the future of Callaway

On Tuesday night Mayor Pamn Henderson won re-election overwhelmingly. A total of 1,127 votes were cast. Mayor Henderson received 622 votes or 55% of the vote, more than both her competitors combined. Carl Sauls received 376 votes or 33% of the vote and Emmett F. “Chip” Singleton received 129 votes or 11% respectively.

Mayor Henderson is the first female mayor of Callaway. She is also the current Chairperson of the Bay County Transportation Planning organization (TPO). The TPO is made up of elected officials throughout Bay County to prioritize transportation projects and make recommendations to the Florida Department of Transportation.

In an interview by on Wednesday, Mayor Henderson said “I feel like the citizens have given me a vote of confidence in allowing me to serve 4 more years, and I feel that they responded to my positive campaign, that refrained from mud-slinging”.

When asked about her agenda for the next 4 years she responded with four points.

  • Completing Hurricane Michael cleanup to help Callaway achieve its full potential
  • Lower the ad-valorem rate to the extent possible while maintaining or exceeding the current level of service in Callaway.
  • Continue working to attract new businesses and home developments to Callaway.
  • Working to rebuild the city parks and to continue the much needed paving of city streets.

When asked if she felt Callaway was getting its fair share in funding she said, “Our recovery is progressing nicely, though not as quickly as we would like, and Callaway is strong financially.” She continued, “I think Callaway has been awarded their share of funding to this point, and hopefully that will continue as other program funds become available.”  She did express concerns in the timing of receipt of those funds, and also in the time that it takes FEMA to give approval of various programs (PPDR / CPDR). Saying,  “It would be of great benefit if all or part of the FEMA funds would be released to the City sooner so that debt could be repaid, allowing the City to avoid interest charges.”

Mayor Henderson begins her second term at this Fridays Special Commission Meeting, April 24th at 12-noon at the Callaway Art and Conference Center.

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